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Are you searching for Nagaland state lottery sambad 1 PM result then you are at the right website? Here you find the latest and updated lottery sambad result of 20.09.2022 at 1 pm. Nagaland state lottery sambad is the most famous lottery in the whole of India. On our website, you easily see the Nagaland state lottery result and all states of the lottery. People easily search the lottery sambad 1 pm result on our website and download it in pdf format with one click. You can here find the Nagaland state result of 20.09.2022. The government of Nagaland state lottery result announced the Nagaland state lottery sambad result on our website

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Lottery sambad Today Result

Lottery sambad 1PM

Nagaland state lottery Result 4PM:

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Lottery sambad result 6 pm Result:

I know India is a poor country and everyone has to complete their dream with money. They work hard but can’t earn money to fulfill their wishes. So they try their luck and join the different lotteries system to win a large amount of money. I just all these people to join the lottery sambad and Nagaland state all lottery to become a millionaire. The price of one lottery is about RS 6/- and the amazing thing is that the prize of the lottery is almost 1 crore. So just imagine that people won 1 crore by just buying the 6 Rs lottery. Must try your luck and buy a lottery sambad ticket From any shop. Another amazing thing Is that the lottery is drawn live and daily. The lottery sambad 1 PM result is announced on our website ( Lottery sambad is announced all day of the week and they announced the prize of the lottery. The Daily lottery name of lottery sambad is given below.

Dear MondayDear loving morning
Dear TuesdayDear sincere morning
Dear WednesdayDear faithful morning
Dear ThursdayDear kind morning
Dear FridayDear tender morning
Dear SaturdayDear Gentle morning
Dear SundayDear Affectionate morning
Nagaland state lottery sambad Game name


Nagaland State Lottery result 8 PM is published on our website and is announced by the government of Nagaland state. Nagaland State Lottery result 8 PM is Named as the lottery night 8 PM result and announced daily live draw of lottery sambad 8 PM result on all social media platforms Such as youtube, Facebook, Pinterest, and our official website. People easily access the result by simply downloading the result which is in pdf format. Today Nagaland state lottery result at 8 pm announced by the Owner and we published the Nagaland state lottery result at 8.15 PM on our website.


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How to Win the Lottery Without a Strategy:

Are you tired of losing the lottery? You tried every strategy to win a lottery of 1 crore but you failed. Here is the solution to “How to win a lottery”

  1. Buy a ticket from any shop in the lottery city. This is the most important part of it because you cannot win the Nagaland state lottery at 8 PM without a lottery ticket.
  2. Select any number of lottery. That does not matter what number you select because You have the same chance of winning while selecting any number.
  3. You must trust your luck and pray for the lottery win. This is the only strategy that you might win all lotteries such as the Nagalandstate lottery, Nagaland state lottery, Bodoland state lottery, etc. Pray for GOD for good luck.

The Truth About Winning the Lottery:

Winning a prize in the lottery is the most beautiful movement in life. The truth is that someone wins the lottery prize and fulfills their dreams. There are many ways to win a lottery but the easiest way is to play a Nagaland state lottery. Nagaland state lottery is the only lottery that is most popular lottery in the whole of India. There are some tips to win a Nagaland state lottery.

  1. Play Daily to give you an opportunity to win a lottery and have a great chance of winning

2. You need to buy multiple tickets. Multiple tickets give us more chances to win a lottery

3. Choose your numbers carefully: You can use lucky numbers, birthdays, or other significant dates to choose your numbers.

4. Make sure you don’t play on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday It is said that Friday the 13th has the worst luck and if you play on those days, your chances of winning will be lower.

5. Choose your own numbers Chances are, if you choose your own numbers, you will have better luck.

it is important to understand the game mechanics and the odds of winning. Each lottery has different odds, so be sure to check before playing. The higher the jackpot, the more people who play, and the tougher the odds.

Nagaland state lottery Result Today information table:

The Nagaland state lottery is a lottery system that was established in the Indian state of Nagaland. It is operated by the Nagaland Government and is the only legal form of gambling in the state. The lottery offers a number of different games, including scratch cards, drawing games, and instant-win games.

The Nagaland state lottery is a popular form of gambling among locals and tourists alike. It is one of the few legal forms of gambling in India and offers a variety of games to choose from. The lottery is also one of the most affordable forms of gambling, with tickets costing as little as Rs. 10 (approximately $0.15).

The Nagaland state lottery has been in operation for over 20 years and has become an important part of the local economy. It provides employment for over 500 people and generates over Rs. 10 lakhs ($15,000) per day in sales.

State NameNagaland state
Lottery NameDear morning lottery result
Draw Time11.55 AM to 12.15 PM
Prize1 crore
Result Available on website
lottery sambad information table

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Nagaland state lottery announced the result of lottery sambad daily at 1 PM, 6 PM, and 8 PM on our website. People easily check lottery results live to draw on youtube and download the lottery result 1 PM, the lottery result at 6 PM, lottery result at 8 PM from our website. Just click on the download button you download all Nagaland state lottery results in pdf format.

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